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Friday, January 28, 2005

Interactive photo panoramas of London, New York, Edinburgh, Brixton, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, St Ives, Wales, France and Cornwall

This is a cool site! Lots of hours of fun! If you're bored go here. And I am bored!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The four men who have been released by UK police a day after returning from Guantanamo Bay still pose a security risk, US defence officials have said.

Well, duh! If they weren't a threat before they may be now after having been mistreated by the United Shame of America! How many more enemies has America got now after the Iraq disaster, the Guantanamo disaster, the Abu Garaid disaster, etc.? And they thought this was the way to deal with Anti- American feeling demostrated on 9/11?! What next? Oh that's right: Iran. And China. And North Korea. And Saudi Arabia.... no, now I'm being silly!

A change of subject. Are you interested in the paranormal? Join Faeden's MSN Group: Paranormal Tavern.

Did anyone have any full moon adventures over the last few days? Here the pets have been acting very strange as have some people that I work with. There must be something in it, even though it can't be proved scientifically. The Tsunami happened on a full moon too. Probably just a coincidence. Moon information site!
Finally, what the moon looks like today.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tempest Smith Foundation

On the 20th of February 2001, 12 year old Tempest Smith from Lincoln Park Middle School in Michigan committed suicide alone in her room. She hung herself. What would cause a girl so young, with her whole life ahead of her to make such a desperate decision? Soon after her passing Tempest's journal was found under her bed, it explained her reasons for deciding to take her own life, what was found was every parents nightmare. Tempest wrote in her journal how she was being religiously bullied at her school by fellow school mates. Tempest was her own person and had her own style of dress and her own spiritual beliefs, ones that worshipped the spirit of nature, known as Wicca. Wiccans believe that you can find the spirit and love of the divine through the beauty of nature, but some students taunted her, chanting religious hymns and songs at Tempest because they wrongly believed that nature based spiritual beliefs where wrong, because they did not fit into there own religious beliefs, so Tempest was cruelly bullied and picked on until she could take no more, which eventually caused her tragic suicide. Tempest was no different to any other 12 year old girl. She wrote in her journal "Everyone is against me. Still, death will come sooner or later for me. Will I ever have friends again?"
I want to help people better understand that intolerance towards others because of ones beliefs no matter what they are is just plain wrong, and should not be acceptable in today's societies. It's not only Tempest's untimely passing that intolerance caused, much of the suffering and fear that happens all over the world today is due to intolerance.
Tempest's mother and best friend Denessa Smith has kindly agreed to do an interview with me so that people can better understand the often tragic and heartbreaking consequences that comes with bullying . I do hope that this article and interview will somehow help a child that is suffering at the hands of bullying, or even help someone that is doing the bullying to take notice and recognise the pain that they are causing someone, or of the tragic possibilities that they might end up being responsible for, and stop what they are doing.

Denessa Has founded the Tempest Smith Foundation to Train Educate and Motivate Parents, Educators and Students in Tolerance, which you can find here

If this interview and article can help or give hope to just one child because of the loneliness and pain caused by bullying, or can stop just one child from bullying another, then this interview will have been well worth it. I hope it will help others that are being bullied that feel alone and desperate know that (They are not alone) there is help out there, and that Tempest's suicide will help people understand that bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated, and to recognise that its up to (US) to put a stop to it.
If you are being bullied or you know someone that is, please speak up and tell someone, don't suffer in silence. There is always hope, you just need the courage to reach out for it.

Barry: Thank you for agreeing to this interview Denessa, I know it must still be difficult to talk about the loss of your daughter Tempest. Please can you tell me more about the type of girl Tempest was and is ?.

Denessa: Tempest was born during hurricane Gilbert in Houston, Texas in 1988. We moved into the home in Lincoln Park, MI in August 1990. Tempest had her own bedroom which was pink when she was little through the red and black phase as she approached her teenage years. As a little child, Tempest showed a very intense love for animals, especially cats, often playing "family" with the many she started collecting through her numerous yard saling adventures with her gramma Nancy. Tempest enjoyed sewing and her greatest project was the handmade quilt her and I made together. She also enjoyed music, listening as well as playing. The instrument that called to her is the flute, as well as the keyboard, but the love was for her flute. Tempest enjoyed going swimming, playing dress-up, and writing poetry.

Barry: Did Tempest show any signs of being bullied, or out of character behaviour that most parents might normally have missed, or find hard to spot? And if so can you elaborate on what these signs or alarm bells might be ?

Denessa: I moved into a community that did not have busing, so I have walked or driven my children to school each and every day. When Tempest was in the second grade, she began to tell me of how her classmates would make fun of her for her taking her cats to school. Made her to feel "uncomfortable" because she would carry them and sit them on her desk. I feel very fortunate to have had a very open relationship with Tempest , we would talk of all issues...even the teasing. Tempest didn't exhibit the "traditional" signs of depression, mood swings, withdraw. We spoke very frankly as time grew as to the bullying going on in her school. It was the lack of response from the faculty and staff to the requests for help from Tempest and I that is what we contended with. This gave her tormentors added strength knowing there was no corrective reactions from our pleas for help.

Barry: Do you think enough was done after Tempest's suicide to help cut the chances of this happening again to other children ? what else do you think could be done ?.

Denessa: Nothing was done, this is through the affidavits of those fellow students that are involved with the lawsuit. Upon speaking with students after the fact, there was little recognition to the fact that they had anything to do with Tempest committing suicide, therefore, they had nothing to "correct". I would like to see various things implemented, most of which hinge on the outcome of the lawsuit pending.

Barry: Do you think that more could have been done to prevent Tempest's passing and if so what would you have liked to have seen done ?

Denessa: I would to have seen a more aggressive stance against those that are tormentors, not the victims being singled out at "outcasts" or "different". There needs to be a better peer strengthening system for those that are standing by just hoping that they aren't the next intended victim.

Barry: What are your views and thoughts on the tolerance towards others, such as ones religious beliefs, and how they choose to dress? And what do you think Tempest's thoughts and views where and are on tolerating others ?.

Denessa: I was born and raised in the city of Detroit, Michigan a veritable menagerie of everyone, everything, and every kind. I am fortunate to have understood that it takes so many to make up the 64 box of crayons, as did Tempest. She embraced peoples' difference with a smile, using that as an opportunity for learning, this is the approach she wanted to offer to those that tormented her. Tempest felt that through education, those that didn't appreciate her faith would at least allow her to practice her religion in peace. Those that didn't like her style really didn't have to but should allow her the opportunity to be herself.

Barry: Do you (understandably) find it hard to forgive those that bullied your daughter, and do you think Tempest has forgiven them ?. (Denessa Please don't answer this question if it is at all offensive or upsetting to you, as it is a very strong question to ask, and I will completely understand if you wish to ignore this question, but its just a question that I felt I should ask.)

Denessa: I could never ignore this question....Tempest forgave them long before she took her life It was through that fateful act that there are many that now re-evaluate what the do, how they act toward one another, and essentially re-think the fact words can actually hurt beyond the surface of the soul. For me forgiving them, this is an issue that will remain very intense. As I see those that bully change, those in a position of authority take control, and parents quit teaching their children that hatred is a value, then perhaps forgiveness is reachable.

Barry: What message or advice do you have for any one that might find them selves in a similar situation as Tempest once did ?.

Denessa: Make sure you keep telling someone that this is happening. Make sure you have friends that will speak up for you. Take your friends to your parents to help your parents understand this is something that isn't just you bringing this up. And the most important thing, keep records of every event, write down names of tormentors, where it happened, what they said, who was around, who you talked to , what their response was, and any other pertinent information that might help authorities validate the accusation. This is something now that I find in hind sight that Tempest and I didn't do. Because I thought the school would keep records of each incident, as it turns out , there was nothing documented for any of the numerous occasions we talked to the staff.

Barry: What advice or message do you have for anyone that is bullying somebody, or is thinking about bullying someone ?.

Denessa: For those that feel tormented, I love you and know all to well your plight. Please reach out, think of Tempest, step out of the shadows of fear and live to make the difference.
-For those that feel they need to victimise others, know that I have lost my firstborn to the senseless act of bullying. Perhaps through reading this article you too can create a more positive approach to interaction with others.

Barry: And finally may Tempest rest in peace, and as I am sure you know is now happy and living a life full of joy and love on the other side of life, and that she still watches over you. Do you have any final words you would like to add ?.

Denessa: I miss you my southern sun....your brother John sends his love as well as Miss Net.

Thank you Denessa again for this interview. Anyone wishing to cut and paste this interview to other web pages please feel free to do so. The more people that read Denessa's words and Tempest's story the better.

Interview conducted by Barry Stevens

Visit the Tempest Smith Foundation here


Sunday, January 23, 2005


It is a bright, sunny, January day here in Cornwall, and boy does it make a nice change. Yesterday it did nothing but rain, all last week (give or take) was gloomy and damp. It is amazing how the sight of the sun can reinvigorate me. I am enjoying my second day off in a row after starting training/work a week ago last Monday, almost two weeks. I am enjoying the job, I think. Certainly will do when I finally get paid! Looking forward to a brighter year.

Found a couple of new websites for those who are liberal at heart/who care about the world:
Both great wesites, full of interesting articles that should be read and shared.
I am attempting to build a page of weblinks to progressive sites. See how I am getting on here.
OK, time to sign off and go and enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A warning to Bush, which hopefully he will heed before invading Iran.
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Global poll slams Bush leadership

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