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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The four men who have been released by UK police a day after returning from Guantanamo Bay still pose a security risk, US defence officials have said.

Well, duh! If they weren't a threat before they may be now after having been mistreated by the United Shame of America! How many more enemies has America got now after the Iraq disaster, the Guantanamo disaster, the Abu Garaid disaster, etc.? And they thought this was the way to deal with Anti- American feeling demostrated on 9/11?! What next? Oh that's right: Iran. And China. And North Korea. And Saudi Arabia.... no, now I'm being silly!

A change of subject. Are you interested in the paranormal? Join Faeden's MSN Group: Paranormal Tavern.

Did anyone have any full moon adventures over the last few days? Here the pets have been acting very strange as have some people that I work with. There must be something in it, even though it can't be proved scientifically. The Tsunami happened on a full moon too. Probably just a coincidence. Moon information site!
Finally, what the moon looks like today.


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