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Monday, December 13, 2004

One year one since Saddam's capture, almost two years since the beginning of the invasion, and still it goes on. People dying, a country torn apart. Why? To remove a dictator. Hm. A lot of trouble, death and distruction for that. OK, so is the country better off now? Debatable, but let's give em the benefit of the doubt. Iraq must be better without Sadman Hussy- obviously! Duh! That's a no-brainer! And other facile expressions. The fact remains, the invasion of Iraq was poorly planned, not supported by ther majority of the world and the UN, was propaganda overblow and killed many thousands of innocent people as well as soldiers, many of whom were too young to drink according to some American state's laws. To see the scale of this cost in lives and dollars go to my George Bush/politics/war page.
Also check out some news reports:
BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Iraqi head highlights US 'errors'
A Year After Saddam's Capture, Iraq's Rebels Fight On
Or just go to

One good thing! Georgie Bush is still there to take the credit for a good job well done! (Remember when he declared it all over, with that big smirk on his face? Know how many people have died since then? No? Nor does he.)
OK, I'm going to take a break from politics for a while. Just going to concentrate on happy things that don't make me angry and stressed. Like... hmm..... well, I'm sure I'll think of something!
Signing off.....


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