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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Two news stories to read:

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | UK hostage's 'release sabotaged'

Cat Stevens 'shock' at US refusal

What is with the US government and its lapdog the UK government? Why do they think they can do what they want in the world? What is it with the American people not standing up en masse to protest their government's actions? Brainwashing and false logic. 'Our president wants to protect us against terrorism so he can do what he wants.' It's all so unecessary. We didn't need to invade Iraq, we didn't need to make such of a balls up of it as we did, we don't need to control the 'free' Iraq government. We don't need to hold so many prisoners. We don't need to put every Muslim through hell because of our fear. If Yosuf Islam didn't used to be Cat Stevens would he have ended up in Camp X-Ray? We certainly wouldn't have heard anything about him being refused entry to America if he hadn't been famous. For goodness sake, he works for charity and promotes peace now! Anyone who promotes peace is obviously a threat to America! (And I'm not joking.) It's not enough to say trust the government, trust the CIA, trust the FBI. We have no trust in these organisations any more. They do not seem to be working for the benefit of the people.

It's a very scary world we live in at the moment. The only way it will start to get better is if the American people vote to remove Bush and after that fight for the government and its agencies to clean up and work for the benefit of the world.


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