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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Hello everyone.

Here's a fun and enjoyable page from the internet, all about why the christian god slaughters his way through the old testement. Apparantly, it is all to do with his mercy. Nice...

Why was the ancient God so "cruel"? - ChristianAnswers.Net

Please just remember that christians can justify absolutely anything using the bible. You can too! Just try it! It's fun! Want to slaughter your grandmother? There's probably a verse you can twist to fit your evil schemes.
OK, here's the thing. Be a christian if you want. Religious freedom and all that. Believe in a religion based on the strangest, most twisted collection of books that you will ever see in a school or a child's bedroom. Believe in a religion that has hundreds of thousands of denominations, most of which don't agree with how the others interpret their holy book. Believe in it if it makes you happy (and you have no wish to think too deeply about it) but DON'T expect everyone else to follow it too. Not even if it says so in your bible. Cos you will make others very unhappy. (And I know you think they will be very unhappy in hell, but they don't. They have other beliefs, not based on your bible which is where the idea of hell comes from in the first place.) If you follow everything the bible says you WILL end up slaughtering your granny, so take a step back and give others the freedom of religion you yourself enjoy.
Thanks for listening.


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