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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

An interesting website about the origins of the Pledge of Allegiance in America:

pledge lawyer

I don't necessarily agree with everything this man says or believes. For instance, if americans want to pledge their allegiance to their flag and country, fine. (Even though it goes down the dangerous road of nationalism and jingoism and can be seen in America's opinion that it is the greatest country ever, when it clearly has serious problems, and that it thinks it can do whatever it likes in the world.) I do think the phrase "under god" needs to be removed.
I don't agree there shouldn't be gun control in America as this man seems to think, for pretty self explanatory reasons.
Anyway, still some interesting information which most Americans do not know.
I was a teacher in America and heartily disliked having to lead the pledge every morning. In the end I didn't bother. I just made sure the kids were being respectful and ignored it if any didn't say it. I almost wish that I had said something to make the children think about whether they wanted to do it or not, but they were only first graders and it would not have gone down too well!


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