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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

BBC NEWS World Americas Countdown to US presidential poll


It is one of the most important elections ever, for America and for the world. if you are American, please get out and vote for John Kerry. Do not believe the Republican hype. The only reason they want you to vote for them is so they can hold on to their power and money. They do not want change, they want things to stay the way they are, thank you very much. If the Democrats gets in they lose that power.
The Democrats will repair bridges with the rest of the world, and attempt to heal the rifts in American society, which are getting wider every day. The Republicans won't. They have an arrogance which is not becoming of any nation. There is a difference between having a pride in your country, and the arrogance of believing that you have the right to do what you want and screw everyone else.
For more reasons to vote Kerry go to and then please get out, queue, refuse to be intimidated, take extra care to complete the ballot correctly and VOTE FOR KERRY.
Everything depends upon it.
It is the most important election of your life.


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