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Saturday, December 18, 2004

God's Clock

A nicely written article, which makes the point that religion is just one way of recognising the unknown mystery, but not an absolute way. The trouble is that mainstream religion encourages (or forces) its followers to believe it is the absolute answer. That is the way it retains control. And, sadly, however much they deny it, organised religion ultimately becomes a controller of minds and actions. The religions may talk about free will, and choice, and encouraging thought and contemplation, but in the end you are only a part of that religion if your will, thoughts and choices lead to what has already been decided as the ultimate truth. Anyone outside this narrow band of dogma is not a true believer.

There is no answer. Organised Religion will not go away. It fulfils a need in people (in some cases it creates the need and then fulfils it). Its mind control and brainwashing, subtle though these can be, guarantees it followers for eons to come. It was realised long, long ago that if religion becomes part of politics (or all of politics) no-one has a right not to believe and this is still happening today.

The answer is for people to become less gullible and really start to think. I am not against contemplation of the infinite and the mysteries of how and why we are here. Everyone has a brain, and it should be used to think about these things and to come up with a conclusion (or lack of one) on its own. People must be brave, and if they find that there is not a definite answer to their questions, they must not run blindly to a church which has all the answers. It doesn't. Finally, people should become forces for good in the world. Forgot the Christian message of a happy ever after, the if you follow the rules on earth then heaven is yours promise. Work to make life on earth better for that is all we truly know.


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