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Sunday, January 23, 2005


It is a bright, sunny, January day here in Cornwall, and boy does it make a nice change. Yesterday it did nothing but rain, all last week (give or take) was gloomy and damp. It is amazing how the sight of the sun can reinvigorate me. I am enjoying my second day off in a row after starting training/work a week ago last Monday, almost two weeks. I am enjoying the job, I think. Certainly will do when I finally get paid! Looking forward to a brighter year.

Found a couple of new websites for those who are liberal at heart/who care about the world:
Both great wesites, full of interesting articles that should be read and shared.
I am attempting to build a page of weblinks to progressive sites. See how I am getting on here.
OK, time to sign off and go and enjoy the sunshine!


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