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Friday, May 06, 2005

BBC NEWS | Election 2005 | Results | Falmouth & Camborne
Pretty amazing victory. No longer do we have to look at Candy Atherton. The Liberal Democrats have done stunningly in the South West (and across the country). Sure, Tony Blair and the Labourites are still in charge, with a reduced majority at least, but thank life the Tories aren't in power. That would have been an evil nightmare to wake up to.
I stayed up to 1:15am watching the results come in, but I had to go to sleep or I would not be able to function today. Even so, waking at 7 means I probably won't!
Anyway, in brief: Labour has had its nose bloodied over Iraq, The Conservatives are sliming their way back into contention (however quite slowly- like a slug) and the Lib Dems are rapidly becoming a real force in Parliament, and a power in the South West.


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