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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

In the news: Bush might have to use his veto over stem cells. BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US House backs stem cell funding The amazing thing is that some Republicans have voted in favour. Anyway, enough politics!

Jill! Here is some non-political stuff!

I have a cold, and I am not happy about it.. My legs ache, my throat is very sore and uncomfortable, I am starting to sniffle, and my ears are blocked. Plus I feel like shite. SO that doesn't bode well for my 14 hour work day, followed by sleep-in, does it? No. My only hope is to be able to buy enough medications to sink the titanic (of colds) before or during work.

Today, after an horrible night of sleep (see above) I woke to find a thick misty fog outside, and I have to ask myself, where the bloomin nora is spring gone? i.e. sun, gentle breezes and light happy showers! Some people say it is going to be a heatwave this summer (after a wet spring) but I have not read anyone official agree with that. Anyway, I don't want a heatwave, just a reasonable spell of dry sunshine! Not much to ask is it?

Finally, an old but funny joke:

Why do girls wear make-up and perfume?

Because they're ugly and they smell.

Cracks me up every time!!


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