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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Give Bush some smarts!
This is a cool game, which is deceptively hard to play, but worth working at as the reward is to get to hear some Bushisms straight from the Bush's mouth! (And if you fail, you are as stupid as him!)

A working Sunday today. I got home from one shift at 8:30am and I'm just about to pack my bag for another long one. 5 hours, sleep in, 14 hours, sleep in, home. Stressful. Can't wait til next week which is going to be more normal. Still got my cold, but it is fading. Today, walked KTK and Specks on the dunes and relaxed around the house. Posting to the forum and watching the Grand Prix. Exciting end. But my laziness is coming to a close so I shall go.


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